Tsuru no sugomori cover
Tsuru no sugomori
鶴の巣籠 (= the nesting crane) is the name of more than 10 different traditional compositions from Japan for shakuhachi. The composition in this book is specified as “Renpoken” because it comes from the Renpo (or Renbo) temple (northwest Japan, Fukushima region). The routes of this piece go back to the 17th century and it is considered to be a combination of existing pieces. It belongs to the most renown traditional pieces for shakuhachi and it is remarkable because of its extreme difficulty and great length and scale. It is a program music piece which describes the nesting of cranes and each part attempts to render a different part of a crane’s life. The crane in Japanese culture is a symbol of longevity (it is believed to live for a thousand years) and brings good fortune. Because of their wings’ size and their engagement to accompanying their little ones to self-dependency, cranes are also a symbol of good parenthood and care. It can be found in versions with different structures (more at the website of the International Shakuhachi Society).

Prologue with information about the piece, explanation of symbols used in the score and instructions on how to approach the piece
Score for instruments in Bb
Score for instruments in C
for bass clef instruments

This work is an arrangement in open instrumentation, available for instruments in Bb/C as well as for bass clef instruments. On the one hand it offers to musicians an intuitive score through which they are challenged to create new paths in their musical interpretation, on the other hand it assists musicologists through an enough-detailed notation in their approach to the analysis of japanese traditional music.

Printed in A5-format premium quality recycled silk paper 115gr with “neutral-climate” certificate.
Limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies.

Tsuru no sugomori – Sheet music & CD

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