A studio for sound recording & musical practice

Kavuki is located in the heart of Kleinbasel, where Claragraben meets Feldbergstrasse. The room is a bunker 40m2 and 3.5m high. The space offers a balanced sound with warmth and aliveness, thus making it brilliant for the sound recording and the creative musical practice.

Record your next album

…or produce your next video. Kavuki is a room with a warm and still ambience that invites your inspiration and lets your creativity flow. Feel free to use the basic equipment of the studio or bring your own if you wish so.

Studio Equipment

Oktava MK-012 pair
AKG P420
Shure SM57 & SM58
-Amps & PA
Schertler Jam100
Fender Super Champ x2
Yamaha HS7 pair
Yamaha HS8S (sub)
Mackie Mix8
-Sound interface
Cubase 10.5


Prices upon time/project. Feel free to contact me and I will do the best for you.

Let’s make something beautiful together.