Saturday 10th December The world is in danger @Rockfact, Münchenstein
Improvised music by Der fliegende Hund & The feldberg quartett

@Rockfact, Münchenstein 20:00

5th December 2016 Lundi Gras#3 @Bird’s eye, Basel

7th December 2016 KlangBang#2 @Flatterschafft, Basel
Monthly series of free improvisation and contemporary music concerts in Flatterschafft.

Javier Frausto, Posaune/ Samuel Weber, Contrabass/ Sylvain Haenen, E. Guitar
Robert Torche, Electronics/ Samuel Weber, Contrabass/ Tassos Tataroglou, Trumpet

Free Entrance, Kolletkte

23rd November 2016, 20:30 KlangBang#1
Monthly series of free improvisation and contemporary music concerts in Flatterschafft.

Benjamin Brodbeck, percussion/ Tassos Tataroglou, Trumpet/ Kazuaki Tsuda, Contrabass
Sylvain Haenen, E.guitar/ Marina Tantanozi, Bass flute

Free Entrance, Kolletkte

11th-12th November 2016 Babelsprech Jam Sessions @BuchBasel, Jazz campus
Encounters of music and Literature @BuchBasel festival.

Students from the Musikhochschule Basel and the Literature Institute Biel.

7th November 2016 Lundi Gras #2 @Bird’s eye, Basel

6th November 2016 Paparouna @Offene Bühne, Basel
Im Engelhof, Nadelberg 4, 4051 Basel

Free entrance – Kollekte

3rd October 2016 SHHHilencio! No hay Ton! @CargoBar, Basel
Iconic silent films, every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month accompanied by popcorn, theme drinks and freaky LIVE sounds. We start off this sunday 2.10 with Murnau’s Nosferatu (1922), with improvised soundtrack by:

Tassos Tataroglou – Trompete
Philippe Adam – Percussion
Kazuaki Tsuda – Contrabass
Francesca Naibo – Electric Guitar
Marina Tantanozi – Flutes, Percussion

Heiliggeistkirche Basel, Sunday  18th September 2016 at 10:30.

Unorthodox Jukebox is a series of concerts of free improvisation in KlangBasel festival.

Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th of September 2016 from 24:00 until 07:00 @Kaserne, Basel.

Detailed program of the days at

25th May 2016 21:00 Paparouna @Flatterschafft, Solothurnerstrasse 4, 4051 basel

Free entrance – Kollekte

1st June 2016 what is legal @Flatterschafft, Basel

“I was legally in this country since I am alive, my parents told me so, they told me others aren’t legal. I thought being alive makes you legal, but apparentely being alive is not qualification enough…” Marshall Maihofer-Demirovic

What is legal? Who creates legality? How social behaviour is formed through legality? How is legality established in a community? How can art performance shake these questions and create more in that social and political issue?

“What is legal” is a collective experiment with improvised music and dance in counterpoint with three haiku poems in three different languages. It is the first in a series of experiments in the direction of encountering different arts in counterpoint with each other for a sociopolitical subject.

Five musicians, three dancers and one speaker, share the stage for an unknown and surprising situation which wishes to be dialectic and to have as a meeting point the senses of the audience.

Louis Freres, basses – Sylvain Haenen, guitars – Marshall Maihofer-Demirovic, texts – Kihako Narisawa, dance – Jeremy Nedd, dance – Hannes Prisi, percussion – Alessandro Schiattarella, dance – Marina Tantanozi, flute, nay  – Kostas Tataroglou, lights, graphic design – Tassos Tataroglou, trumpet, texts, concept

1st June 2016 21:00 @Flatterschafft

Solothurnerstrasse 4, 4051 basel

Free entrance – Kollekte

12th May 2016 Nachtstrom 79 @Gare du Nord Basel

Wednesdays @Podium, May program

April 2016, Wednesdays @ Podium

The incounterpoint vol.1 is going to perform in the Auditorio de Aledo on the 30th of April 2016.

Starting at 21:00. 6€ Entrance.

More info at:

The incounterpoint vol.1 is going to perform on the 13th of April 2016 at Podium, Amerbachstrasse 14, 4057 Basel.

Doors open at 21:00. Free entrance.