With Insub Meta Orchestra

This is our orchestra’s 8th publication and 10th anniversary as well. Forced by the current situation, it was recorded in three seperated moments, with smaller groups, assembled later, and we must admite this process was not fully satisfaying. Being an orchestra means much more than music to us.

Fortunatly the technical solution managed to fade away and this is the IMO’s music and it’s actual concerns one can hear on “Ten / Sync”. Three pieces with specific approaches, dealing with masses, silences, logics, metronomy, diversities, subtles colors or textures changes, and even a tiny fragment from Gesualdo.

Anna-Kaisa Meklin (viola da gamba)
Antoine Läng (voice)
Brice Catherin (cello)
Bruno Crochet (electronic)
Christian Müller (clarinet)
Christian Neff (violin)
Christoph Schiller (spinet)
Christophe Berthet (saxophone)
Clara de Asís (guitar)
Cyril Bondi (drums, conduction)
d’incise (organ, electronic)
Eric Ruffing (analog synth)
Fred Minner (bass)
Ivan Verda (guitar)
Jamasp Jhabvala (violin)
Léa Moulet (violin)
Loïc Grobety (double bass)
Luc Müller (drums, percussions)
Mara Winter (flutes)
Maxime Hänsenberger (drums, percussions)
Raphaël Ortis (electronic)
Raphaël Raccuia (guitar)
Rodolphe Loubatière (drums, harmonium)
Sandra Weiss (bassoon)
Steve Buchanan (saxophone)
Tassos Tataroglou (trumpet)
Teresa Hackel (recorders)
Thomas Peter (electronic)
Violeta Motta (traverso)
Vinz Vonlanthen (guitar)
Yukari (flute)

Pieces and direction by
Cyril Bondi & d’incise

Recorded at Insub.studio in three groups/times, september 2020, mixed by d’incise.

released April 15, 2021