Materia Ignota

“This solo work of Kame is devided in two directions, which could be described as two different musical instruments. The most remarkable in the acoustic solo is the instrument itself. A trumpet with two bells, sometimes expanded with a third one, as well as the keys and slides of the instrument allow quick timbre changes. Kame creates moving planes and structures similar to those of the language with an inner polyphony and he expands importantly the possibilities of the instrument. In the second direction trumpet is connected to electronics. An amplifier and few effects (reverb, delay) consist the sound device. Here trumpet funktions as a filter in order to control and manipulate feedbacks. That’s a risky procedure, because naturally it is difficult to manipulate feedbacks. In this way the soundscape is created from long and fragile sounds. On the contrary of the traditional logic of creating musical structures, Kame attempts to keep the soundspace open.”
Christoph Schiller

Materia Ignota (=unknown mater) is a limited edition album (100 copies) produced by the painter Lisa Amble for her double exhibition “Kymatik & Anatomie” in the gallery Eulenspiegel in April 2019. Limited amount of exhibition books in hard cover are still available (order it here).

Released in April 2019 by Galerie Eulenspiegel, Basel