La lavintse (de Asís​-​Schiller​-​Tantanozi​-​Tataroglou​-​Winter)

In these pieces by the Insub’s two-heads, Cyril Bondi & d’incise, and recorded during a brief moment of sunshine in our lives, last june, the music flows in circles that never repeats exactly the same way, loosing the rigidy of it’s writen structure to navigate it with poetry and fluctuations.
The five fine musicians, Mara Winter, Marina Tantanozi, Tassos Tataroglou, Christoph Schiller & Clara de Asìs, all closely related to the label and it’s orchestra, build an architecture of tones and subtle rythmical elements, revealing the combinations of this particular instrumentation.

Mara Winter: medieval flutes
Marina Tantanozi: flutes
Tassos Tataroglou: trumpet
Christoph Schiller: spinet
Clara de Asìs: acoustic guitar

Composed by Cyril Bondi & d’incise, 2020.

Recorded in Basel by d’incise, at Schiller’s atelier.
Mixed by d’incise

released February 25, 2021