Three haikus,
from the project “what is legal”, Basel 2016


Μεγάλα μικρά
όρια ολόγυρα
δεν είμαι ξένος.


For peace conditions
some food, more garbage and rules
gentle heart be thankful.


Gelaufen sind wir
schneller als deine Zunge
mir Erschöpfung gab.

(Haiku’s No.1 & 2 by Kame, Haiku No.3 by Marshall Demirovic)


Haiku No.1 ©Kame
Haiku No.2 ©Kame
Haiku No.3 ©Marshall Demirovic
Haiku No.1 ©Kame
Haiku No.3 ©Marshall Demirovic
Haiku No.3 ©Marshall Demirovic

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