Blood and flowers was a piece I made out of feedback loops and field recordings in 2018. It was back then in the end of 2017-beginning 2018 one of my first experiments with my duplex, a guitar amp and a reverb pedal. The occasion was a project of, an international project about field recordings, run by a very motivated group of people in England and worldwide. The specific project in 2018 was called “Sound Photography”. There was a collection of around 150 Photos from all around the world, all of them beautiful, which were shared to around 150 musicians from all around the world. Each musician had to compose his soundtrack on a selected picture. I sent my preference on two pictures, of which one was already reserved from another musician, so I received the astonishing picture of Richard Watts “Empire State” to work with. I saw in the picture two aspects: at first the distant and powerful glance of the observer and at second the indirect sounds of the city as memories. The field recordings are from the train station of Basel. Recording and mixing was made by Dimos Vryzas in our studio in Flatterschaft in Basel.

Empire State by ©Richard Watts
Blood and flowers by ©Kame

While writing this post the official website of the project from is not accesible. But this should be the link.

2 thoughts

  1. Καλημερούδια σας! Fwi, ούτε το δεύτερο λινκ δε λειτουργεί. Χάρηκα παααρα πολύ που σας είδα χθες και είπα και το φα μου μαζί σας❤️ Καλή Κυριακούλα!

  2. Μπράβο στο Φα! Το ξέρω ότι δεν λειτουργεί, λέω “this should be the link”… in case they put the website up again… 🙂

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